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YSW Relic (aged/distressed finish)

* relic unfinished or finished guitar/parts
* fix your "bad" relic guitar/parts

If you want the Fender logo, you MUST use a genuine Fender neck!

I was dealing real vintage guitars so I can say this;  99% of relic guitars/parts on the market are so bad (especially the maple fretboard necks) and seeing those fake-looking jokes makes me sick. I decided to pursue this "The Way of Relic" to produce convincing look guitars by myself.

Here are some from my works.

Optional details:
Notice the UV faded degree under the pickguard is different from other part of the body. Not many relicers support this level of the detail.
I only use old materials for the dusts around the pickguard and the bridge so even scientific tests may not be able to tell this is a new guitar

Fender MIM neck
Fender Japan neck

Create your dream relic guitar using the Kisekae YSW Relic system

To see more, please visit my personal blog page The Way of Relic