What's New?

Kisekae Model : PRO_ST

Date : 2015/10/02

Floyd Rose style bridge is temporarily out of stock.
Actually, discontinued the economy version. I've found this bridge's
quality is not the greatest. Since I've shifted to made-in-USA to
offer good custom guitars for working musician, I don't want to use
any crappy parts. Now I need to find an another source for Floyd bridges.
Anyone can recommend me one?

Date : 2015/10/01

Added the Super-Vee BladeRunner bridge.
If not two point trem, this might be the best bridge!

Date : 2015/09/30

Fixed some bugs.

Requested - added Mirror pickguard

Date : 2015/09/27

Start supporting Tablets and Mobile devices!

Removed basswood option, cheap economy tuners and nut options.
Alder body, Hipshot tuners and bone nut are the standard option now.

Date : 2015/08/26

Price Reduced - Alder, Ash, Mahogany

Requested - added Mahogany neck

Requested - added Flame Maple neck

Date : 2015/08/24

Completely new operation flow!

Differences from my old Kisekae PRO

* Stopped using the previous Chinese factory
* Our Strat body CNC program is modeled after an early vintage Strat
* Crafted in USA!