What's New?

Kisekae Model : ST
Date : 2024/04/19

Added EMG singles

Date : 2024/02/13

着せ替えギターにピックガードマテリアルを3個と、シングルPU用のピックアップ マウントリングを追加しました
Added three pickguard materials and mount rings for single pickup.


Date : 2024/02/06

Added one more Camo color for the body material.

Date : 2024/02/04

Added six Camo colors for the body material.

Date : 2024/01/21


Originally, "Kisekae" is a Japanese term meaning changing/dressing-up play with dolls. So, this is the real Kisekae game for fun. You can change her clothes as well as her Rickenbacker's color.

Date : 2023/10/01

Added some conversion pickup mount rings

Date : 2023/09/24

Kisekae Guitar Version 13.0 released.

This is a major update.

* faster initial load
* new color pallete (48 colors ---> 671 colors)
* faster "Generate Image" function (x10 faster!)
* some new parts
* For BigMac User (registered user)
 - save preset function
 - no # of clicks limitation
 - access to all parts
 - bass pickups for a guitar / guitar pickups for a bass

My Presets in action

Date : 2022/04/23

Added the Fender Custom Shop new background image for the KISEKAE Strat and Tele.  Your signature guitar deserves the best! Be sure to look carefully under the elegant box near the top left corner

着せ替えStratとTeleにFender Custom Shopのバックグラウンドイメージを追加しました。自身のシグネチャーモデルをデザインされている方に高級感溢れるクラッシィな画像を提供します。

Date : 2022/01/23

Updated to Version11.0. Internal logic change to support guitar builders.

Date : 2021/10/16

updated to version 10.7 (internal logic change)

Date : 2021/04/12

added Neck Bind options

Date : 2021/01/19

Bug fix: DIY headstock material

Date : 2019/12/17

Version 10.2
 - New parts rotation button. Click right side or left side of this button to set an angle, then load a part. 

Date : 2019/12/16

Added some missing parts from old system

Date : 2019/11/20

Kisekae Strat version 10.1 released

* new pickup angle option for extra pickup/extra mount ring
* PU cavity option has moved under "pickup" menu
* Floydrose recess option has moved under "bridge" menu
* updated some images. (to see the updated parts images, you may have to clear the browser's chache)
yes, i know there are still many crappy images...